For a long time by now, NG´5 has realized the importance of being well equipped technically and personnel wise in order to respond to customer demands.

From this point of view, NG´5 guarantees the best quality of the market with stunning final products, crafted perfectly, respecting all client’s strategy deadlines .

We constantly upgrade our equipment to the latest and trendiest technologies, in order to offer unique market solutions, to achieve our clients creativity without limits, resulting on outstanding products, where creativity and innovation are one of a kind.

We bet in innovation and invest on the future.


2002 – NG’5 is born, with a small team of 5 professionals and one HP 500 printer on a space of 250 m2.
With our technical and commercial staff, we conquered our clients' trust with success.

2004 – Relocated to a bigger infrastructure and invested in new, more versatile and flexible equipment. We conquered our clients with our exceptional service, which allowed us to grow substantially.

2006 – Relocated again to a new space in Prior Velho, granting us a 900m2 area and new equipment, expanding our market, acquiring new national and international clients.

2015 – Rebranding of the NG’5 brand, which lead to relocating to the actual base and headquarters of NG´5 in World Metal condominium at Rio de Mouro. With an available space of 3000 m2, this new location allowed us to acquire new and better printing and finishing equipment. We are currently neighbouring the Apametal Group, which strengthens our brand and makes us more competitive.

We invest in creativity!

Still in 2015, we created the Pull Creative Studio, a creative studio, crafted to attend to the new market dynamics, searching for efficient strategies and creative ideas tailored for each client.

“Creativity involves escaping the obvious, safe and predictable to produce something new. ” – Guilford


We invest in innovation as a platform of development and success. In the latest years, we have invested on state-of-the-art equipments, that allows faster process times and better quality of our final products and services.

ZÜND G3 L-3200

ZÜND G3 L-3200

Performance and inflexible precision.

Cutting system with utmost quality and precision, excellent in providing exceptional productivity and high calibre cutting efficiency. This is the result of the perfect symbiosis between intelligent control technology and high precision mechanics.
It allows for digital cut-outs of flexible and rigid materials: corrugated cardboard, paper, pvc, polypropylene, foam, etc.
Cut format 227*320cm on a treadmill system.


The Kombo TAV is a Supper Plotter with two different cutting heads currently on the market. Totally automated, it mets all quality standards from the cardboard and printing industries, which requires an integral and uninterrupted production cycle.
As a result of years of production experience and technologic ingenuity from the Italian giant Elitron, Kombo TAV is the perfect choice for POS displays, boxes and packages that dont require dies. This flexible operating system accelerates the production time and reduces costs, offering maximum versatility on short and complex production runs.


ZÜND G3 L-3200

HP SCITEX 11000 / HP SCITEX 9000

The industrial HP Scitex 11000 and 9000 presses allow for signalling production and high-volume presentations, product of high quality and versatile applications.
It prints in 6 colours, with a maximum format of 160*320cm, supporting PVC foam, polystyrene, corrugated polypropylene, synthetic paper, foam board, corrugated cardboard, compressed cardboard. Better quality with competitive prices.


The Kre8tor Hybrid UV printer, allows for rigid subtracts with 320cm width or Roll-to-Roll.
Material feed continuously without stoppage giving higher throughput. It comes with 6 colours and white using 7 Kyocera printheads, with the option to print only 4 colours.
Edge to Edge printing is standard and multilayer printing is also available.